Thinking about a cover

I’ve written the book, I’ve researched publication options, I have some amazing people as beta readers and a cheering section… but while you can’t judge a book by its cover, so many people do just that. I’m no exception. To be fair, I’ve read some fantastic stuff that lurks behind covers that look very home-made, but my instinct is to imagine that if the outside looks amateur, the inside will follow suit. So my book needs a great – and properly designed – cover.

I have the name of a cover artist, and her samples look great. I know at some point I’ll also need someone to deal with the interior layout and formatting, and I suspect I’ll hire a professional to take care of that as well. I want my book to be pleasant to read in every way… well written, well edited, and easy on the eye.

But first, the cover. Keep checking back in case I alight upon something I love.

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