An Award! The Jane Austen Award for The Assistant

I am thrilled, delighted, and beyond honoured to have been granted the Jane Austen Award from Jane Austen Readers’ Awards for The Assistant: Beyond Pride and Prejudice.

Here is the review:

“With a poignant story line and colourful array of characters, young Mr Gardiner is the central figure in this prequel to Pride and Prejudice. He bears the stamp of a principled young man of honour, whose caring nature endears him to strangers. Without exception a young boy in need accedes to understanding reflected within Gardiner’s kindly eyes, and later becomes his protégé. In like spirit a young woman’s written words captivate Gardiner’s imagination and lead to a romantic entanglement and untold drama. Indeed, a mysterious and romantic thread runs throughout this novel with literary prose and natural dialogue. Ms Everly’s work demonstrates a commanding hold on narrative and history, and fans of JAFF novels will surely submerge themselves in the early days of the young Mr Gardiner. The occasional cameo appearance of much loved characters from Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice adds extra nuance of the Bennet family. And last, but not least, the Jane Austen Award is hereby bestowed as a symbol of literary merit. “

And here is the link:

You can purchase The Assistant at your favourite on-line bookseller:

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