Miss Mary: Sleuth

Mary Bennet,

Once upon a time there was a young woman, the middle child in a family of five daughters, who felt that there was no place for her in the world. She was not beautiful or witty or spirited or flirtatious. Rather, she was quiet and studious and no one ever seemed to notice she was there. But while she was not noticed, she noticed everything.

Then, one day, something dreadful happened. Her dear sister was accused of murdering their obnoxious cousin, and every piece of evidence seemed to point that way. This would never do, and this young woman decided to step forward and do what she could to save her sister’s reputation – and her life!

And that is how Mary Bennet began her adventures as a sleuth.

Mary’s first adventure with her friend and sometime-antagonist Alexander Lyons will be released on September 14, 2020. Watch for a link soon!

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