Blog Tour – Polish up the Silverware

The final stop on my blog tour for Death of a Clergyman is at Austenesque Reviews, always a delightful blog to read. In the story, Mr. Collins’ murder is not the only strange thing going on in Meryton – it seems silverware is disappearing from Netherfield Park as well! What type of silverware? Let’s take a look!

2 thoughts on “Blog Tour – Polish up the Silverware

  1. Simone says:

    I read your book “death of a clergyman” wiith great interest. I like to see the akward Bennet daughter Mary in her element to rescue her sister.
    She develops in this book to my delight to a wonderful and loveable person. The announcement of the next book is hopefully soon? Your write of Samuel but in the first book the name of the investigator is Alexander. And I would like to hear more of Dary and Elizabeth.

    Greetings from germany


    • Riana Everly says:

      I am so pleased you enjoyed Death of a Clergyman. Yes, I plan to release the next book soon – probably in January. I have some more editing to do, but the story is essentially in its final form. But you caught my mistake! LOL When I first started writing this series, I called my London detective Samuel, but later changed my mind and renamed him. And I obviously forgot to run a search to change his name in the excerpt from the second book. Oops! You have a good eye!
      Thanks for your comment, and I hope you will enjoy Mary and Alexander’s next adventure as well.


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