A Long-delayed return

It is far too long since I’ve written anything here.

It started with being busy. Writing, reading, editing, beta-reading, and all that, eats up my time. Then it continued with not having anything particular to say. And then it became embarrassing, because it had been so long since I last put words to these pages.

And then it became paralysing. What should I say? What could I write that would be amazing and profound and brilliant? Like Elizabeth Bennet, I was reluctant to speak unless I could expect to say something that would amaze the whole room. And so, I ended up not saying anything at all.

So, I have decided that it’s alright not to have some Grand Statement to make. Instead, I’ll just natter on a bit about a few things I’ve been doing. I’ll write more expansively about all of these over the next few weeks, but here is a brief run-down.

Death in Sensible Circumstances: A Sense and Sensibility Mystery

For my mystery-loving friends, I am delighted to announce the recent release of the fourth book in my Miss Mary Investigates series.

This new book takes Mary Bennet and her friend, investigator Alexander Lyons, into the world of Sense and Sensibility, when Mary befriends Elinor Dashwood. When one of Elinor’s circle dies tragically, Alexander is engaged to investigate the affair. But Lucy Steele has something she isn’t saying, Elinor is in love with a prime suspect, and Maryanne is nursing more than a broken heart. And, furthermore, Mary and Alexander have their own personal issues to explore as well.

Here is a little taste from the novel:

Mary fought to maintain her composure. She smiled at Elinor and tried to give all due attention to her words, but her mind was full of only one thing: Alexander.

Whatever was he doing here? When Colonel Brandon suggested bringing in an expert to assess Lucy’s claims on Robert’s estate, she never imagined that man would be Alexander. She had pictured an elderly solicitor, or some crusty pedant in clothes from the last century and whose vowels could cut glass. Not this young, disturbingly handsome, redheaded Scot who had torn out a piece of her heart.

But of course it made sense. Alexander was a brilliant investigator and a trained lawyer; he was the perfect person to determine whether Lucy’s claims were valid. She wondered if Colonel Brandon had his direction from her brother Darcy’s cousin, also a colonel, or if Alexander were merely that well known amongst the first circles of society. It mattered not. He was here and she must confront him. Again.

I’ll talk more about this book later, but in the meantime, you can read the full blurb at Amazon, where the book is for sale in eBook and paperback, and is free to read on Kindle Unlimited. https://mybook.to/deathinsc

Preludes: A Modern Persuasion Improvisation

If pure romance is more your thing, and you love classical music, you’ve got to read Preludes. This contemporary reimagining of Jane Austen’s fabulous Persuasion is set in the present, in the vibrant city of Toronto, Canada, where Anne is a brilliant composer, and Fred is the conductor who she jilted eight years ago. Now he’s back, and they have to work together. Will they ever make beautiful music together again?

Readers and reviewers have loved this book. A recent five-star review at From Pemberley to Milton concluded:

Preludes is a compelling, and endearing love story where music gives mature characters a second chance in love. The narrative takes its time to develop, and events are never rushed which gives us a better understanding of the character development, and I certainly recommend this book to all readers.

If you want to know more, take a look at your favourite electronic bookseller at https://books2read.com/preludesmodernpersuasion

What’s in the Pipeline?

As for what’s next, I have a few projects burbling away. One is a full-length Lizzy-and-Darcy Regency tale, where things don’t quite go according to plan for either of our dear couple. It involves a rival for Bingley, a bloodthirsty Wickham, and an inadvertent kidnapping! The tentative title is Pride and Pursuit, and I’ve almost completed the first draft.

There will also, of course, be another Miss Mary mystery coming out before too long. This one will be called Death in Still Water, and will introduce Mary and Alexander to the wonderful characters from Persuasion.

A Big Announcement! I am delighted to tell you that I’ve been offered a contract by Romance Cafe Publishing, for three novellas loosely based on Jane Austen’s fabulous novels. I’ve completed one of these already, and am preparing it to send to the editor. I’ve started writing number two, and I’ve got a great outline in mind for number three.

Details will be forthcoming, but I’m so excited about this series, and I had to shout it out to everyone.

2 thoughts on “A Long-delayed return

  1. Simone says:

    Hello Riana
    Just last week I bought book No 3 of Marys investitigation series. I look most of the time for P &P variations. I like your writing style and I’m happy to hear about your success.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Riana Everly says:

      Thank you so much, Simone! I love writing P&P variations as well, and it’s so hard to decide which story in my head to put down next. My first contemporary novella for Romance Cafe will be based on P&P. I’ve written the first draft, and I’m ready to send it to the editor. My alpha reader loved it, so hopefully they’ll be happy too.


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