Death of Clergyman by Riana Everly

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From Pemberley to Milton

Death of a Clergyman is the first book in the Miss Mary Investigates series and can be read as a standalone story, however, I highly recommend starting by its prequel, The Mystery of the Missing Heiress, which is a small novella (currently free) that introduces to us an original character who will be crucial in Death of a Clergyman. I’ve read this prequel and absolutely loved not only the main character but also the writing style, and how the author was able to build the plot, so my expectations towards Death of a Clergyman were very high.

In Death of a Clergyman Mr. Collins is found dead and Elizabeth is accused of his murder. When Mr. Darcy hears the news, he immediately reaches out to Alexander Lyons, the private investigator we are introduced to in the novella, and hires him to investigate the murder of Mr. Collins and prove Elizabeth’s innocence. Both…

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A Double Birthday

Jane Austen December 16th is celebrated in the literary world as the birthday of English author Jane Austen. She was born on this date in 1775 in Steventon, Hampshire, where her father was the rector. In the musical world, this same date is often commemorated as the birthday of composer Ludwig van Beethoven. His exact … Continue reading A Double Birthday