Teaching Eliza, by Riana Everly

A lovely review from an author whose writing I admire very much.

Compulsive Overreader

teachingelizaSo I’m more or less of a Jane Austen fan, but I’m not that kind of hardcore Jane Austen fan who doesn’t appreciate other writers playing around with Austen’s material. My favourite riffs on Pride and Prejudice in recent years have been Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which I thought was genuinely fun and original; the novel Longbourn which I thought was a wonderful behind-the-scenes imagining of the unseen life of servants in the novel, and the YouTube series The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, a modern re-imagining with which I fell passionately in love.

A rabbit-hole I had not fallen into, until first-time author Riana Everly (with whom I am somewhat internet-acquainted) released Teaching Eliza, is the world of Austen fan-fiction in which myriad authors re-imagine Austen’s stories. Some of these re-imaginings include mash-ups with other stories, as in this novel, where Pride and Prejudice meets Pygmalion/My Fair Lady, with…

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Interview about the book, the movie and the play at Austenesque Reviews

How did the book, the play and the movie influence my novel? Read about it at Austenesque Reviews. (From Austensque Reviews, Nov. 1, 2017) Hi friends!  I am so excited to welcome a new author to Austenesque Reviews today!  As you may have already seen, Riana Everly is in the midst of celebrating her debut … Continue reading Interview about the book, the movie and the play at Austenesque Reviews