Always Austen – Lawyers, Barristers, and Attorneys, Oh My!

In Pride and Prejudice, one of Darcy’s and the Bingley sisters’ big concerns with the Bennet family is the terribly middle-class status of Mrs Bennet’s family. Her brother is a merchant, living in Cheapside. The horror. Her father was a country attorney, and her sister married his clerk. These are deemed to be most inappropriate connections, … Continue reading Always Austen – Lawyers, Barristers, and Attorneys, Oh My!

Chelsea Buns

One of the things I love about researching for my stories is finding those little details, those glimpses into everyday life, that don't always make it into the big history books. Things like... what to have for breakfast! I knew that Chelsea buns had a long and delicious history in London, and so I decided … Continue reading Chelsea Buns

Death in Sensible Circumstances: A Sense and Sensibility Mystery


Hello to all, and welcome back to my desk and this weeks visit by a much beloved authoress and friend, Riana Everly! She has written another mystery where Miss Mary investigates alongside of her partner Alexander. This time around, it is Sense and Sensibility which is visited by a mystery. But now I will leave you in Riana’s capable hands. I will close off the visit at the end. For now, welcome Riana and her next book.

Thank you so much to Sophia for welcoming me once again to your wonderful blog. It’s always such a comfortable and friendly spot to visit, like sitting down to tea with a friend.

I’m most delighted to talk a bit about my newest mystery in the Miss Mary Investigates series, Death in Sensible Circumstances: A Sense and Sensibility Mystery. In this adventure, Mary Bennet meets and befriends Elinor Dashwood, whom we know…

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