A lovely review for The Assistant!

Thanks, Francine, for this lovely review of The Assistant: Before Pride and Prejudice.https://romancereviewsmagazine.blogspot.com/2019/03/regency-pride-prejudice-prequel.html "When a Pride & Prejudice prequel is as good as the original, then indeed the author has excelled in the medium of writing, and Riana Everly does just that with this novel. Her rendition of young Mr. Gardiner in the prime of … Continue reading A lovely review for The Assistant!

Blog Tour – Therapy Animals in History

This next stop on my blog tour took me to More Agreeably Engaged, where I talked a bit about Mr. Darcy's dog Cabal, and a quick history of the use of therapy pets.https://moreagreeablyengaged.blogspot.com/2019/02/through-different-lensriana-everly.html Through a Different Lens...Riana Everly It is a pleasure to have Riana Everly visiting this evening. Thank you for including More Agreeably … Continue reading Blog Tour – Therapy Animals in History

Through a Different Lens – Guest Post, Excerpt & Giveaway

From Pemberley to Milton

Good Afternoon everyone,

How is this week treating you? Mine could not have started better!! yesterday I spent a wonderful day at pemberley with the talented Joana Starnes and our dear friend and reader Glynis, and today I will be watching the play All About Eve with Gillian Anderson, whom I’ve loved and admired for more than 20 years, and Lily James who played Elizabeth Bennet in Pride Prejudice & Zombies. Plus, I’m going with Mira Magdo from Obsessed with Mr. Darcy, so I know I’ll be in good company 🙂

Away from my daily life, and on this little corner of the internet, I am pleased to host a writer whose historic knowledge never ceases to amaze me, Riana Everly. Her debut book Teaching Eliza was a big success and it is on my TBR pile for this year, but today she is visiting to talk to you about

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Blog Tour at Half Agony, Half Hope

This next stop on the blog tour is at Half Agony, Half Hope, where Darcy and Elizabeth talk about music, their new friends the St. Ives, and the devil himself! There's also a review of the book, so don't miss it! https://halfagonyhalfhopereviews.blogspot.com/2019/01/blog-tour-through-different-lens-by.html BLOG TOUR: Through a Different Lens by Riana Everly ~ Review, Excerpt & … Continue reading Blog Tour at Half Agony, Half Hope

Through A Different Lens


Welcome Back Dear Readers,

This time I am visited by a returning authoress, who visited my very own blog, last year with her book, “The Assistant” namely the lovely Riana Everly. different lens cover 450x675[4886]

Welcome Back Riana!

Riana’s new book,“Through a Different Lens” is A tale of second glances and second chances

Elizabeth Bennet has disliked the aloof and arrogant Mr. Darcy since he insulted her at a village dance several months before. But an unexpected conversation with a startling turn of phrase suddenly causes her to reassess everything she thought she knew about the infuriating and humourless gentleman.

Elizabeth knows something of people who think differently. Her young cousin in London has always been different from his siblings and peers, and Lizzy sees something of this boy’s unusual traits in the stern gentleman from Derbyshire whose presence has plagued her for so long. She approaches him in friendship and the two…

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