Death of A Clergyman – An Interview with Riana Everly & Giveaway

An Interview!
There’s a give-away as well. Please stop by and tell us what you think.

From Pemberley to Milton

Good Afternoon everyone, 

Today I have the pleasure to interview Riana Everly, a very creative author whom I am always happy to see visiting From Pemberley to Milton. Ms. Everly has released a new series called Miss Mary Investigates whose main character is Mary Bennet my favourite sister, after Elizabeth of course.  This series has two books already, a novella called The Mystery of the Missing Heiress, which is an introduction to the series (and currently free by the way) and Death of a Clergyman, the first book in the series.

Today Riana Everly is here to talk to us a little more about this book, and I hope you enjoy it 🙂 Don’t forget to comment to apply to the giveaway 🙂


First of all, thank you for visiting From Pemberley to Milton and taking the time to answer some of my questions Riana. I am…

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Death of a clergyman by Riana Everly

Today’s blog tour visit takes me to Interests of a Jane Austen Girl. Come and see what Mr. Darcy has to say.


Hello All, I know I haven’t been here much lately. I am going through an express course of German for university entry, so I am focusing on that, right now, but never fear, I have several reviews coming up in December and the coming year.

But now I will present Riana Everly, and her newest book, namely, “The Death of a Clergyman.” 


Mary Bennet has always been the quiet sister, the studious and contemplative middle child in a busy family of five. She is not interested in balls and parties and is only slightly bothered by the arrival of the distant cousin who will one day inherit her father’s estate. But then Mr Collins is found dead, and Mary’s beloved sister Elizabeth is accused of his murder. Mary knows she must learn whatever she can to prove Elizabeth innocent of this most horrible crime or her sister might be…

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