The Assistant Guest Post & Giveaway

It’s a perfect day for this post, since I just got home from the fabric store myself. There were no surprise visitors awaiting me when I returned, however.

From Pemberley to Milton

Good Morning everyone,

My first post this month is a guest post from Riana Everly who has recently release a Pride and Prejudice prequel called The Assistant, and whom I absolutely love to receive at From Pemberley to Milton.

Riana is an incredibly nice person with whom I love to chat, share experiences and talk about cultural differences, but her interesting remarks are not limited to our conversations, they extend to her guest posts and that is one of the reasons why I love having her in my blog. Apart from personalizing each guest post, and adapting it to the blog which is receiving her, she always does her best to bring to my readers interesting and different posts where you can learn something new. Today she explores the Milton connection with a brief survey of some types of textiles used for clothing in the 18th and 19th centuries and I really hope you…

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Blog Tour: More Agreeably Engaged

Part of the story in The Assistant takes place at a masked ball for Twelfth Night. There, our intrepid hero meets a young woman who intrigues him, but he never sees her face. What sorts of costumes might he have spotted at the ball? Read my guest post at More Agreeably Engaged to find out!

Blog Tour: Babblings of a Bookworm

Who better to sketch the character of Edward Gardiner's new assistant than Miss Elizabeth Bennet. And if she is only nine years old at the time of the sketching, well, there's an innocent wisdom in youth, is there not? Come and see what Little Lizzy has to say at Babblings of a Bookworm.