Chanukah 2020

Sweets for my Sweet

by Beverlee Swayze, writing as Riana Everly

London, 1818

Chanukah is approaching in Regency-era London, but it’s not just the smell of the delicious baked goods that draws Daniel into Estie’s family’s bakery day after day. She is as sweet as any of the goodies on the shelf, and Daniel knows she likes him too. But the gulf between their families’ fortunes and backgrounds is too wide and deep for a connexion, and both sets of parents are firm in their disapproval.

Then, just when Daniel decides to act against his parents’ wishes, Estie’s father makes a most terrible announcement, dooming the star-crossed lovers’ every hope of happiness. Can anything be done to pull this doomed love out of the flames before the final Chanukah candle burns out?

Here is a copy of Sweets for my Sweet for your enjoyment.

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